Bonnie Blake-Drucker, FAIA, Architect

BlakeDrucker Architects was an award winning architectural practice that excelled in the design of sustainable and accessible Research Laboratories for the top Bay Area universities.

Some of the best researchers call labs we designed, home.  I am proud of their research and accomplishments and I greatly enjoy how appreciative they are when I go to visit.

We designed the first LEED Certified laboratory renovation for UCSF in 2006 HSW 6 and in 2010 the CranioMesenchemyl Biology Laboratory opened at HSE 15 which was UCSF’s first LEED GOLD Certified Laboratory Renovation.

Since the closing of BlakeDrucker Architects in 2013, we have continued to design laboratories for the leading medical researchers in the Bay Area.  UCSF’s HSIR 7&8 housing the Schoold of Medicine and School of Dentistry laboratories which was designed by Bonnie Blake-Drucker, FAIA received LEED GOLD as well and had specialized laboratory facilities for everything from Zebra Fish for research into Epilepsy to a state of the art Brain surgery skills laboratory as well as pulmonary function lab and even a laboratory with a small self contained, and heavy, cat scan machine for study of teeth.

We have been requested to consult and provide laboratory design services and we are open to doing that for local architects.  We also have been very successful in our practice at creating construction Documents in REVIT and for the important coordination of documents that complex laboratories require, so we are offering Peer review and markup services for the Architect or Facilities Department Project management who wishes to reduce Change Orders to 0 (or as close as possible) as we did during the last 10 years of practice through clear, concise documents.